Through his photography, Chris Clancy seeks to create images "that are
both an inner reflective recording as well as an outward presentation 
of my experiences".  The goal is to develop "a unique personal style that
projects my inner vision, the way I see and react to the world around me." 
For the last two decades, he has been seeking, exploring and discovering
the world around him through his art
Chris’ photography is driven by the belief that "knowledge and true
understanding of one’s subject matter is the most important aspect
of artistic photography. If we are truly involved in what we are photographing,
the results will be more meaningful and worthwhile than if we are mere
outsiders observing a world that  we only see with our eyes and not with our being." 
Whether the subject matter is a landscape or cityscape, the goal is to capture
the image in a way that is both unique and personal.
Chris combines the elements of traditional film photography with the technology
of the digital age. His earlier images were captured on film,  scanned on high
resolution film scanners, meticulously retouched and corrected so that the
final image matched his initial vision with minimal manipulation.  Today his images
are captured exclusively with Canon digital cameras.  He basically left film behind
when he traded in his Pentax 67II and Nikon F100’s.  Chris does all of his own
printing at his company Gordon's Ink using large format Epson printers to print primarily onto canvas or cotton rag paper with archival Ultrachrome Inks.  

Chris graduated from Boston College with honors in 1993. Since then, he has
been involved in all aspects of the photographic industry including special event
and portrait photography, digital imaging and printing, video production,
and art book publishing.  He has consistently built a loyal following of art
admirers and collectors over the last 20+ years.
In 1999, he and his good friend Toar Winter produced and self-published
the counterculture art photography book Get Stoned and Read This Book.
Get Stoned combined Chris' edgey photography with Toar's short writings in
a creative and unique manner.  It has become a popular underground publication-
it was primarily sold nationwide through the Urban Outfitters chain of stores.
It is currently in its fifth printing with over 40,000 copies sold.
In June of 2002, he founded Gordon's Ink in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.
This business caters to artists, photographers, designers, decorators and anyone
else in need of high-end digital printing with true fine-art results. 

Chris presently resides in the woods of Richmond, Rhode Island with his
wife Cheryl, daughter Abigail Rose, and three lovable cats, Buddy, Bella, and
Garfield.   His dream photographic assignments include Antartica and
its penguins, the Great Wall of China and Tibet, and 
the World Series (ideally with the Red Sox representing the American League).